This is my personal website.

After 35 rewarding years in the Indian Foreign Service, I now teach, in traditional classes, and via e-learning programs, and I am an author. I have written eleven books and am working on one more.

My wife Mimi and I make our home in Delhi, with a toehold at the hill resort, Mt. Abu, where we have a holiday home. We have a son and a daughter, both very talented, a high-flyer daughter-in-law, and two splendid grandchildren, young adults forging ahead in their lives.

Conscientiously perform good actions without attachment;
thus one attains the Supreme 

Bhagwad Gita
Chapter III, Verse 19

You may like to see my 2016 memoire and other books, now available for free download.

“Diplomacy at the Cutting Edge” (2016)
“Economic Diplomacy: India’s Experience” (2011)
“Foreign Ministries: Managing Diplomatic Networks and Delivering Value” (2007)
I have also recorded a series of YouTube videos, which currently number 20, under the series title: ‘KSR: DIplomacy Diary’. That may be of interest, as the focus is on the practice of diplomacy.